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Immediate Annuity Calculator

Calculate regular payouts for immediate annuities.

Immediate Annuity Calculator
Amount to invest:
Annual interest rate: %
Number of years: years
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About Immediate Annuity Calculator

The Immediate Annuity Calculator is used to estimate the regular payouts for immediate annuities.

Immediate Annuity definition

An immediate annuity is an annuity providing payment to begin immediately, or within a short period after purchase. You use an immediate annuity when you want to start taking income as soon as possible.


The immediate annuity calculation formula is as follows:

Immediate Annuity Payment Formula

P = periodic payment of an immediate annuity
A = amount of money invest in immediate annuity
r = annual interest rate (annual rate of return for the immediate annuity)
t = number of years you expect to live and receive payments
n = frequency of payments every year

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