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Ellipse Circumference Calculator

Calculate the circumference of an ellipse.

Ellipse Circumference Calculator


Semi-major axis length (a)::
Semi-minor axis length (b)::

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About Ellipse Circumference Calculator

The Ellipse Circumference Calculator is used to calculate the approximate circumference of an ellipse.


In geometry, an ellipse is a regular oval shape, traced by a point moving in a plane so that the sum of its distances from two other points (the foci) is constant, or resulting when a cone is cut by an oblique plane that does not intersect the base.


There is no simple formula with high accuracy for calculating the circumference of an ellipse. The following is the approximate calculation formula for the circumference of an ellipse used in this calculator:

Ellipse Circumference Formula

a = semi-major axis length of an ellipse
b = semi-minor axis length of an ellipse
π = 3.141592654

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