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WHIP Calculator: Master the Art of Baseball Stats

WHIP Calculator
To calculate WHIP, enter the following:
If you need to enter a partial inning, .3333 is for a third of an inning and .6666 is for two thirds, etc.
Number of hits:
Number of walks:
Number of innings pitched:

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About WHIP Calculator

WHIP Calculator

The WHIP Calculator helps you determine the walks plus hits per inning pitched (WHIP) in baseball statistics.

WHIP Definition

In baseball statistics, WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched) is a sabermetric measurement of the number of baserunners a pitcher has allowed per inning pitched. It is a measure of a pitcher’s ability to prevent batters from reaching base. Comparing to ERA, WHIP measures a pitcher’s effectiveness against the batters faced more directly.


The WHIP calculation formula is as follows:

WHIP = (Number of hits allowed + Number of walks allowed) / Number of Innings Pitched


WHIP provides insights into a pitcher's ability to prevent batters from reaching base, making it a crucial metric for evaluating a pitcher's effectiveness.

A WHIP score below 1.10 is considered elite, while a score above 1.60 is seen as below average. Reference: Baseball Reference

Yes, for partial innings, use .3333 for a third of an inning and .6666 for two thirds.

WHIP Statistics

  1. Average WHIP in MLB: The average WHIP for MLB pitchers in recent years has hovered around 1.30.

    Reference: MLB Stats

  2. Historical Best WHIP: Hall of Famer Addie Joss holds the record for the best single-season WHIP at 0.9673 in 1908.

    Reference: Baseball Almanac

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