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Scientific Notation Calculator

Enter numbers in scientific notation
(e.g. -3.34e5, 1.1E-7, 6.78, etc)

About Scientific Notation Calculator

The Scientific Notation Calculator is used to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations in scientific notation.

Scientific Notation

Scientific notation (also called standard form or exponential notation) is a way of writing numbers that accommodates values too large or small to be conveniently written in standard decimal notation.

In scientific notation, all numbers are written like this:

a × 10b

where the exponent b is an integer, and the coefficient a is any real number (called the significand or mantissa).

E Notation

E notation is a type of scientific notation in which the phrase “times 10 to the power of” is replaced by the letter E or e; for example, 1.2 × 105 is written as 1.2E+5 or 1.2e5 and 7.4 × 10-8 is written as 7.4E-8.


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