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Richard Steele quotes

Richard Steele
político británico

Richard Steele fue un escritor y político irlandés, recordado, junto a su amigo, Joseph Addison, como cofundador de la revista The Tatler (1709-1711).
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Citas de Richard Steele en inglés

I have often lamented that we cannot close our ears with as much ease as we can close our eyes.
I know of no manner of speaking so offensive as that of giving praise, and closing with an exception.
It is to be noted that when any part of this paper appears dull there is a design in it.
Nothing can atone for the lack of modesty without which beauty is ungraceful and wit detestable.
Though her mien carries much more invitation than command, to behold her is an immediate check to loose behaviour; to love her was a liberal education.

Whenever you commend, add your reasons for doing so; it is this which distinguishes the approbation of a man of sense from the flattery of sycophants and admiration of fools.
Will. Honeycomb calls these over-offended ladies the outrageously virtuous.
Zeal for the public good is the characteristic of a man of honor and a gentleman, and must take the place of pleasures, profits and all other private gratifications.


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