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It's been inspiring to see how much people have appreciated our tools. We've set up the following Paypal subscription plans, which will make you access the Premium version of our website. That will also allow us to continually invest time (and money) into the site and our future ideas. Thanks for your support.

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* Condition apply. Please read our terms and disclaimer here.

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You will get the following benefits:

  • 100% Ad-Free Across All Platforms. Once you purchase the Premium subscription, your account will have full coverage across our website and apps. This benefit will be available to you at home or in the office and your mobile devices. 
  • Superfast browsing. According to Google PageSpeed Insights lab data, you can save 2.4s when you visit the same URL with the Premium version.

    Page with ads: according to Google PageSpeed insights, the Time to Interactive is 4.9s

    The same page of Premium version: Time to Interactive is 2.5s
    Save 4.9-2.5 =2.4s per page view. The page speed increased by 2.4/2.5 = 96%
    You can click the links below to go to Google PageSpeed Insights to test two different versions of our popular Random Name Picker tool yourself. (Testing may cost you a few minutes.) Please note the score may vary from our testing because of the different datacenter, traffic, or server load. However, we are very confident that no matter where you are from, the Premium version will outrank much.
    Random Name Picker page with Ads
    Random Name Picker page of Premium version
  • Clean layout. We removed all script and codes about banner ads, video ads, cookie consent (as you have been our repeat users), and all affiliate links. The benefit will allow you to focus on what's important on our pages. Here is the mobile Premium version of our popular random name picker tool (Layout preview only, no real function):

Click here to preview the Desktop version. (Layout preview only, no real function)

  • Instant result. Our server load is improving hugely now, and sometimes due to a large number of requests, we have to delay a few seconds to get the results for the free users. Premium members don't have to join the waiting list.
  • Full-featured "My Toolbox". Premium members don't have any limitations to use "My Toolbox" to manage your favorite tools.
  • Quiet enjoyment. Our Premium subscription is not a "membership site". You don't need to create an account so that you will never receive any upsell or promotioanal emails from us.

We use API to implement the subscription. After you finish the payment through Paypal, you will be redirected to our thank-you page. Our server will detect that you are already a paid member and set a unique cookie on your device and a paired tag on our server so that you can browse our website with the Premium version.

To access your Premium version, please click the "Access Premium Version" link ( it is on the top of your desktop or the top-right menu of your mobile), and follow the instruction on that page. Our server will set a unique cookie on your devices to detect if you are our member or not. So please don't use a private or incognito browser to access the Premium version. The cookie won't expire unless you remove it manually, or you cancel the subscription. You only need to visit the access page once if you keep the unique cookie on your local devices.

Free trials are not available because we don't need you to create an account, which will make it a little challenging to manage a free trial system. But you can still sign up and take advantage of all Premium version has to offer. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no commitments. You have the freedom to change your plan or cancel online at any time if you decide the Premium version isn’t for you.

To cancel your subscription, please log in to your Paypal account to manage your subscription. Or contact our support with your registered email or reference number, and we will be happy to assist you. After you cancel your subscription with Paypal, your paired tag will be removed from our server instantly by Paypal's webhook API, so that you will watch Ads again when you browse our website.

We don't want to interrupt your Premium service and prematurely end your exclusive experiences. Therefore, unless you cancel the subscription, at the end of your minimum commitment period, and each extended subscription period thereafter, your subscription will continue at the same rate and for the same amount of time as the initial period, and you will be automatically charged.